Air America is a 1990 film starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. The story is about a group of American pilots who operate out of Laos during the Vietnam War, delivering supplies to local villagers. A plot to smuggle heroin is uncovered.

C-123 Provider Edit

Air America uses two C-123s in their fleet. One is shot down and crashed-landed by Billy on an old, unused airstrip. The wrecked fuselage is later used by Billy to hide another plane inside.

Pilatus PC-6 Edit

Two are seen in the film & used by Air America. Billy lands one safely and deliberately drives it into the wrecked fuselage of the C-123 he crashed earlier. The wings of the Pilatus are sheared off and hidden by Billy and Babo so they can hide safely from Lu Soong's men when they search for them.