Air Force One is a 1997 action film starring Harrison Ford as U.S. president James Marshall. Air Force One is hijacked in mid-air by Russian extremists lead by Korshunov (Gary Oldman), who demand the release of a despotic Russian general captured a few weeks earlier.

Boeing 747-146 Edit

The version of Air Force One used in the movie is a 747. It is fictionally equipped with bulletproof armor, an escape pod, an arsenal of automatic weapons and a full communications control room. At the time of the film's release then-President Bill Clinton stated in the Washington Post that the only inaccuracy of the real Air Force One real AF1 does not have an escape pod.

The actual plane used for filming was a 747-146 purchased from Japan Air Lines and painted to look like the plane typically used for the real AF1, a Boeing 747-200.

F-15 Eagle Edit

Launched from Rammstein Air Base in Germany when AF1 is first highjacked, they continue to escort the plane after the pilots fail to land the president's plane. They also launch a counterattack against Russian MiGs that try to shoot down AF1 late in the film.

MC-130 Edit

The plane used to rescue the AF1 passengers when the president's plane cannot be kept in flight near the finale of the film.

Mikoyan MiG-29 Edit

The MiGs that are launched to attack AF1 late in the film. Their attack is thwarted by a squadron of U.S. F-15s.

McDonnell Douglas KC-10 ExtenderEdit

The jet that attempts to refuel AF1 after Marshall dumps a significant amount of fuel, trying to force Korshunov to land.