Catch-22 is a 1970 film based on Joseph Heller's 1961 novel of the same title. It was directed by Mike Nichols and starred Alan Arkin, Jon Voight, Martin Sheen, Martin Balsam, Buck Henry, Orson Welles, Art Garfunkel, Anthony Perkins, Bob Newhart and Richard Benjamin. The story concerns a squadron of pilots and crew who conduct bombing raids in Europe during World War II and the effects the war has on them. Each time the men are about to complete the necessary number of missions to be discharged, their commanding officer, Colonel Cathcart (Balsam), raises the required number of bombing missions to keep the men in service. Capt. Yossarian tries to get himself discharged on the basis of mental illness with no success.

B-25 Mitchell Edit

The primary plane that makes up the bombing squadron.