Moonraker is the tenth film in the James Bond series. Roger Moore returns to the role of the intrepid secret agent, 007, this time investigating the theft of a space shuttle belonging to the Drax Corporation. He uncovers a plot by the company's owner, Hugo Drax, to rid the world of humans and replace it with a utopic society of "perfect" humans. The film also stars Lois Chiles, Michael Lonsdale, Richard Kiel and Toshiro Suga.

Handley Page Jetstream TurbopropEdit

The plane that Bond is traveling in when he's thrown out without a parachute and wrestles with Jaws while free-falling.

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (Boeing 747-100 conversion) Edit

The plane that crashes in the Canadian Yukon territory after the Space Shuttle attached to it is stolen in mid-air.

Moonraker Space Shuttle (NASA/Rockwell International Shuttle Spacecraft) Edit

Drax' fleet of six shuttles are used to fly his crew and human specimens to his orbital space station.